Platform Masters Title
Platform Masters - Will you be the world's next platform master?

Last updated: Feb 2, 2011 (third version - now on its own domain name)
Level 2 update on Mar 11, 2011 (added screenshot to simulate game play)
Level 2 update on Apr 1, 2011 (added reference to the glossary)
Level 0 update on May 18, 2011 (2 minor grammatical corrections)
Level 3 update on Jan 18, 2012 (screenshot and details updated, some proofreading)
Level 3 update on Feb 6, 2012 (section 3 added detailing current progress)
Level 3 update on Jun 24, 2012 (various edits and updates, progress overview video updated)

Note: Platform Masters is a work in progress so details will be limited in some areas until future updates. Be sure to check the development history section (often called the screenshot archive) often for the latest progress and developments as this area is updated quite frequently. Don't know what a certain word or term means? The extensive glossary will explain them, especially the terms exclusively used in with Platform Masters or in my projects.

1 What is Platform Masters?

typical game play in Platform Masters
Typical game play in Platform Masters (Jeremy's House (world 1) shown)

Land on the goal platform before time runs out. Simple, right? It’s not since enemies, treasures, hazards, and tools are along the way. With 300+ levels, 20 vast, gorgeous worlds, and apparently-infinite ability upgrading, there’s countless hours of platform-hopping action.

Platform Masters is like nothing ever seen. Despite being purely 2D, the extreme use of parallax scrolling gives a strong 3D feel. Score, lives, difficulty, jumping, and many other aspects have no apparent limitations, offering extreme flexibility and replay.

2 Key features and aspects

These are most of the key features and aspects of Platform Masters (some are still classified (kept hidden from the public until further notice)).

Here's a brief overview of the main features and aspects of Platform Masters:

3 Remaining progress

Platform Masters' progress may seem like it's getting nowhere, since I've been working on the graphics for over 3 years. Most of that was learning tricks and optimizing while also learning the quirks and limitations of my game engine. With the learning phase over with, the real progress has taken off. Once the scenery for all 20 worlds is 100% done (minus story stuff and full functionality on some worlds), the character's animation is redone, enemies are done, and the rest of the game objects are added, this is when progress will really take off. This is because the fun stuff will begin. For details on what progress I've made and what Platform Masters looks like in motion, accurate as of June 8, 2012, this video explains not only the current progress I have, but also what's in store to come and about how long I'll need for those parts. Look at the screenshot archive and the News and Announcements section of the forums for any new updates after this video.