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Jeremys House - the ocean

Date: Sep 9, 2010
Screenshot #61: Higher up, the ocean is visible though even the jumbo and supersize levels don't get anywhere near this high. Can you see the ocean? Like Keveran Desert, the more distant part of the ground gradually leads down to the ocean.

Jeremys House - the case of the disappearing ocean

Date: Sep 9, 2010
Screenshot #62: From even higher up, the ocean actually becomes more difficult to see. This same effect is present in Keveran Desert and other worlds, but it takes a lot more height with Keveran Desert due to the significantly higher visibility.

Nodera Ice Shelf - enhanced water texture v2

Date: Sep 11, 2010
Screenshot #63: Looking at Keveran Reef, of which takes place at dusk, it's easy to see how the water texture closely matches the sky. This is due to reflections off the surface of the water. With the sky being blue, the water looks blue due to these reflections as a consequence. Keveran Reef does very well in this regard and otherwise does not need a redo. Unfortunately, that was not the case with the daytime version of the water texture. As a consequence, it doesn't look right. In this case, it was too gray, having too low of a saturation. There was only one way to fix that - increase the saturation by intensifying the blueness some so that it more closely matched the sky.

In revision 4 of the water waves texture (1 was the initial, using the 3-channel system), I focused as much as I could on matching the sky. This was the result. Although it matches the sky much better, it's much too blue. Yep, revision 5 was in order.

Nodera Ice Shelf - enhanced water texture v3

Date: Sep 11, 2010
Screenshot #64: With revision 4 being too blue (too high in saturation) and revision 3 being too low in saturation, I went like Goldilocks in the "Three Bears" story and went somewhere in the middle. Revision 5 is just that, roughly halfway between the two. Not too high but not too low for the saturation. Upon completing revision 5 of the water texture, I checked the results and this screenshot shows them. It matches the sky quite well in addition, which was my original intent.

However, with the water texture modified, the daytime water waves need to get redone as well since the two are linked together by color and texture. That is, the waves use the same base colors and design as that of the textured portion.

Ronnis - special foreground effects

Date: Sep 13, 2010
Screenshot #65: Ronnis has 2 special effects for the foreground. The first is one you should be aware of by now - the grass effect. Here, the grass is quite a bit taller, a little over a foot tall for the tallest parts, as though it hasn't been mowed in quite a while. The other special effect involves the traffic light. If you look closely, you'll see that part of the character seems to be "missing". This is because the traffic light is actually closer to the scene than the main action. Being a small object, it otherwise doesn't interfere much, and when it does, it's only within the lowest 4 blocks. In a way, it seems as if the character is waiting for the walk signal so he can cross the street (there is no need for that here).

The traffic light is also littered with road signs, one indicating that the road behind where the action occurs is 56th Avenue north (if you can read it). Since it's not possible to go straight (you'll drive right into the river if you did, Keveran River as it's known (it comes from the Keveran region)), only turns are possible. With 3 lights in the front (yes, they're animated) and knowing that left turns are usually more difficult (at least, that's the case where I'm from) and right turns on red are possible, I figured that I'd have 2 lights dedicated to left turns and a loner for right turns. The one on the side is for the cross traffic.

Now, what's with the "Sorry! Classified Contents!" signs? They're just that - classified - I cannot yet tell you what they are. I can, however, tell you that they involve the story.

Ronnis - an assortment of sailboats

Date: Sep 13, 2010
Screenshot #66: A little higher up, the activity on the river is easy to see - there are plenty of sailboats drifting along. However, they're only about 1/11 as far apart from each other as they're intended to be - I just have them closer together for demonstration purposes so you can see some (8) of the 12 total designs. My favorite is the space themed one (called "Space Explorer"), the one with the Earth-like planet orbiting a gas giant and a retro-future-style spaceship between the two. My second favorite is the "Sun N Surf" one, the one with the beach setting. My third favorite is "Cloudborne", the one with all the clouds on it.

Compared to the video where I explain how I create worlds, the scene is mostly unchanged. There are a few differences though - the river is slightly narrower at 1000 feet wide instead of 1400 and there are 12 sailboats (only 4 by the time I finished adding in Jeremy's House). The cliff is also enhanced, using Nodera Ice Shelf's base texture. With the river narrower, an extra closer set of buildings were added, those at 16 instead of 20.

Ronnis - endless sky scrapers

Date: Sep 13, 2010
Screenshot #67: When fairly close to the ground (this is about as high as most levels will take you), Ronnis' sky scrapers seem to go on forever. If you've seen the overworld (the posted images are quite out of date now), you'll know just how big Ronnis actually is - it's huge. The far northern part may as well be 180th Avenue north, assuming it was within the same county. Being so big, the sky scrapers seem to go on forever.

Ronnis - gaps between sky scrapers

Date: Sep 13, 2010
Screenshot #68: Near ground level, the sky scrapers seem densely packed. Very high up, about 12 to 16 times higher than even the supersize level might take you, you can easily see that what you see aren't quite what they appear to be. While I can certainly add more "layers" in, for the parts beyond 64 (where the texture otherwise becomes quite monotonic), inserting an extra layer between the existing ones, such as having a 72 between the 64 and 80, a 180 between the 160 and 204, etc. wouldn't be too much of a problem - that's 9 extra layers. Being such a small image size, these extra layers will hardly use up any memory.

If you look closely where the end of the pavement is, you'll find a sandy beach that's 800 feet wide. At the 9.5 miles (15.4 kilometers) distance the closest part of the beach is, 800 feet hardly seems like anything. It's also sloped toward the ocean, starting where the pavement is. Ronnis' elevation is fairly low (72.3 feet, 22 meters) so the sandy beach doesn't slope down all that much.

Ronnisa Plains - strange scenery bugs

Date: Sep 16, 2010
Screenshot #69: World 3's name has now been declassified - Ronnisa Plains. Located in the southern outskirts of Ronnis, the mighty Keveran River is now quite wide. A major highway tags along with the river. When I first add in a new world, it's not unusual to encounter an assortment of bugs with the scenery. Cars drive on pavement, right? Where's the pavement? Also, what's with all the lighter green patches? Something about that doesn't seem right. Also, the river is supposed to go out to 192, not 64, so why is it missing? It's time to turn detective and investigate the causes of these and other anomalies. At least the traffic behaved as expected on the first go....

Ronnisa Plains - very deep grass

Date: Sep 16, 2010
Screenshot #70: Located in the southern outskirts of Ronnis, the mighty Keveran River cuts its way through low mountains. A major highway connecting Ronnis with other the sea port town south of Keveran Forest (off the overworld map) tags along with the river. Being out in the wilderness, the grass often gets quite tall. Just look how tall that grass is, nearly 4.7 feet tall at the tallest! Being in the wilderness, not mowed, and during July, this height wouldn't be too unusual. Being so tall, you might think that it'll hinder gameplay. For the most part, the very tall grass shouldn't have any effect at all on completing levels, but hey, you might find a ruby hidden in the grass, or a red spring that leads way up to a 1up. You never know what you might find. Remember that yellow spring that would otherwise be here (given previous screenshots)? You might encounter something like this.

Also, Ronnisa Plains is the first world that uses slopes. There won't be any slopes present until I get the terrain edittor up and going.