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Various enhancements - night effects 1

Date: Jan 28, 2011
Screenshot #111: Carnivalesta takes place at night, right? What happens when you're close to a light source? Now, what happens when you get far from light sources? When you get far from light sources, objects get dark, don't they? To get an idea on what effect this has, compare this scene, in Keveran Reef to the one directly below.

With the water texture redone for dusk and dawn settings, the water in Keveran Reef looks much better. It, too, also has the transparency effect like shown in the above screenshot, but at this height, it's essentially fully opaque.

Various enhancements - night effects 2

Date: Jan 28, 2011
Screenshot #112: This is the night effect, exclusive to worlds that take place during the night. The night effect is affecting everything except the character (since I don't have the needed bitmap for this). Look at the wall platform to the left. Do you see how, at the bottom part of what's visible, it's quite bright but at the top, it's quite dark? Notice the difference in the brightness of the floor platforms too, the heart, and the spring.

You might be thinking that everything high up is going to be very dark. That's not true - fires (don't touch them) will help light up the area. Some areas will still remain unlit though.

Various enhancements - night effects 3

Date: Jan 28, 2011
Screenshot #113: When much higher up, using the green spring shown in the screenshot above, that very tall wall platform is, well, extremely dark.

Various enhancements - night effects 4

Date: Jan 28, 2011
Screenshot #114: Nearly 2 miles above the carnival grounds is this area. Normally, Carnivalesta's levels are only intended to get up to 256 blocks above the ground (8192 CU), only 1/9 as high as this. Most levels are intended to only reach around 96 to 128 blocks up, barely 4% of this height. That white spring used to be a red spring in past screenshots of this area. Yep, if the speed is any indication, they offer a 150 mph jump, enough for 175 blocks' worth of height (about 7 1/4 screen heights). Here, however, the night effect makes the platform and spring look far more realistic. The character is bright due to the lack of an update on the character's images. He will, in the end, be just as dark.

Various enhancements - variable water opacity effect

Date: Jan 28, 2011
Screenshot #115: Screenshot 110 shows the variable opacity effect seen in Nodera Ice Shelf, but it's much more noticeable at Lake Keveran, giving the sense that the water has multiple colors.

Water effects - Sentus Reef above

Date: Feb 4, 2011
Screenshot #116: Sentus Reef (previously called Keveran Reef) has large waves. Previously, there was an odd gap in the water, as seen in the video directly above. Though it took quite a while to figure out how to do it, I finally got the dusk water otherwise completely finished, aside from programming splashes and the like. This screenshot shows Sentus Reef from above the waves. It's easy to tell that the waves are in front of the platforms with the back part not drawn where there is a platform (or the character). These are just some of the 3D effects made possible with parallax scrolling.

Water effects - Sentus Reef under

Date: Feb 4, 2011
Screenshot #117: Underwater, there was a huge range for how far the textured part of the water went, for the background. There as an odd orange haze visible at the far end, best visible when near the bottom, just above the reef cliffs. This is due to the fixed function effect of fog generation. The only solution I could come up with was to have additional draws. Transparency on transparency will increase the opacity some, of which decreases the accuracy of the distance fade. Still, however, the accuracy loss isn't easily noticed.

Water effects - Lake Keveran above

Date: Feb 4, 2011
Screenshot #118: This is the same effect with Lake Keveran, only it uses the day time water and waves only half as big. The sandy bottom is clearly visible, causing the water to appear to have multiple colors. Once all the details in the far end of the scenery are done, this world will look very pretty.

Water effects - Lake Keveran under

Date: Feb 4, 2011
Screenshot #119: Underwater, the effects are otherwise the same as seen in Sentus Reef (screenshot 117). This is essentially what the underwater parts of Lake Keveran will be like in the final product.

Game objects - valuables and hearts

Date: Feb 4, 2011
Screenshot #120: In addition to the water effects being fixed, I've also added functionality to the most common of the game's over 50 objects (platforms, the terrain, and the character don't count toward this). Yes, you're seeing that right. There is a carrot at the end of 24 on that gold bullion instead of a K. This is seen in the very first screenshots (see screenshots 4 and 6). Things have improved drastically since the day those screenshots were taken. This is meant for humor, as was originally planned.