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Ronnis - frame rate problems 1

Date: Nov 10, 2011
Screenshot #201: 5500 draws is certainly going to mean frame rate problems. What I don't get, however, is why does drawing use up more CPU than GPU? Something is strange. From this position, I'm only getting about 45 to 50 fps. That's still not bad, but it's quite strange. If I comment out my drawing functions, leaving only the position calculations, CPU usage drops to essentially nothing indicating that drawing is using up considerable CPU. I'd have expected it would use GPU.

Ronnis - frame rate problems 2

Date: Nov 10, 2011
Screenshot #202: See those almost absent buildings just before the ground texture buildings? Those are using up close to 100 draws each. This is where the bulk of the draws are coming from.

Ronnis - frame rate problems 3

Date: Nov 10, 2011
Screenshot #203: If you look at GPU-Z, I'm getting roughly 60% GPU usage for all this. One of my CPU's cores is hovering at 90%. However, if I comment out the drawing for all of the buildings, both of these drop significantly, to the point where 300 fps is possible.

Ronnis - traffic light

Date: Nov 11, 2011
Screenshot #204: After addressing all the bugs, problems, and other things as best as I could think of, the main showcase of Ronnis can begin. First up, it's the newly redesigned traffic light. Originally, I had no lighting, no arrows, and fewer signs. This is about as good as the traffic light will get. You'll also notice other things around it, including signs that have "Sorry! Classified contents!" on them. There are actual pictures on these, but they are classified to the general public as to what they are. I've known almost since I first planned Ronnis way back in early or mid 2009. A new addition is the sign indicating the river's name - Keveran River.

Ronnis - sailboats

Date: Nov 11, 2011
Screenshot #205: The sailboats were also completely redone. A few of which (Laboratory Tester for example) have been completely redone. Others have been partially modified (like Musan Miner or Night Wanderer). One of which was replaced with something else (Time Traveller became "The Platform Master", after the theme of my game and that the former didn't look decent in the first place). You can see the new "The Platform Master" sailboat in this screenshot. There is actually text on it - "Platform Masters" in the style of the logo is at the bottom with "Scenic" in black at the top. "Scenic" sure fits in quite well.

Ronnis - highest point in levels

Date: Nov 11, 2011
Screenshot #206: If you were to play the supersize level, you may reach heights this high in this world. From this point, the ground decals are very nice as far as they look. Just look at the lines, crosswalks, sidewalks, and other such decals. From this height, it's very easy to make out the ground decals.

Ronnis - sky bridge from atourist's perspective

Date: Nov 11, 2011
Screenshot #207: I even thought of tourism in all that planning I've done. The 2 tallest buildings in the area are 128 stories tall. The next tallest is 95 stories, leaving a huge gap. Thus, wouldn't it make for a great attraction for scenic sights by having a sky bridge at the top floor of these buildings? In fact, the top floor's sky bridge was deliberately made double high so that it would make the most out of tourism. This screenshot simulates what a tourist might see from the lower part of the double-height sky bridge, floor 127 in particular. There are 3 other sky bridges at floors 96, 64, and 32.

The 128-story buildings are also unique in that they have a sign on them. This sign has "Welcome to" in red and "Ronnis" in blue, welcoming everyone to Ronnis. The "N" on the sides is intended for direction-giving. If you face the sign and you see the "N", you'll know that you're facing north.

From this height, you can start to easily notice the variable-distance coastline... and how insanely far the buildings extend out. Ronnis, home to about 50 million residents, is so large that it makes New York City look small.

Ronnis - the perspective from the air taxis

Date: Nov 11, 2011
Screenshot #208: If you were riding an air taxi, this is about what you'd see. Just like Jeremy's House (the next task I intend on doing), there are air taxis hovering overhead. Unlike Jeremy's House, these air taxis are much higher (otherwise they'd often be on a collision course with the buildings). They have the same speed, though the density is double that of Jeremy's House - you'll see several more of them.

Ronnis - near the clouds

Date: Nov 11, 2011
Screenshot #209: From this height, just below the clouds, it's very easy to see not only the variable-distance coastline, but also how far those buildings extend. It's almost nothing but buildings as far as the eye can see. Also, from this height, you can make out 2 small islands, though they're hard to see.

Ronnis - the 2 distant islands

Date: Nov 11, 2011
Screenshot #210: The distant islands are best viewed with great height. Through a break in the clouds, the islands are very easy to see here. The variable-distance coastline is also very easy to see. You can also see little inlets and peninsulas if you look closely enough. Getting a high speed glide going (or leviburst) is a great way to take in the scenery from this great height.