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Trees - the first test fixed

Date: May 26, 2012
Screenshot #351: Like with the previous screenshot, I'd really like to thank Catyrpelius on PM's forum for all of his/her efforts in getting trees for me. This is like screenshot 350, only without the white edges from the unexpected antialiasing.

Now that only leaves the lighting. Oh, and note that I've added a pine tree of sorts, a spruce in particular (as per what Catypelius calls them - I don't have enough certainty to tell as I can't tell tree species apart beyond the basics (palms (to some extent), deciduous (I refer to these as the type that don't have the needles), and pines mainly).

The same setup for the scaling (Z distance) is present here as well.

Music overview video - an illogical error

Date: May 30, 2012
Screenshot #352: One of the most annoying things about Virtual Dub is that, if the frame rates of 2 videos don't exactly match (including fractional parts), you can't have Virtual Dub append the segment with the nonmatching frame rate. Even if I set the frame rate to 30.00003 as the error is telling me, I still get the error. After all, how can 30.00003 not match 30.00003? The only thing I can think of is some slight difference in a floating point value as 30.00003 is a number fairly close to the precision limit of the 32-bit float. I would think that Virtual Dub, should there be the slightest frame rate mismatch like this, VD should set the frame rate of the segment upon loading it. At least, however, only the game play aspect of the music overview video needs to be fixed but it also needs to be rerecorded as I don't have enough content on some of the worlds. The game play part is intended as an overlay for the actual music playing itself, for getting the feel of the song together with the scenery.

Sailboats - improved looks and fixed design

Date: July 19, 2012
Screenshot #353: Sailboats are present in worlds 2, 5, 7, 8, and 19. Worlds 7 and 8 are the new ones I've highly considered adding sailboats to. World 5, Lake Keveran, uses them the most and they're the most densely packed as the beaches are densely packed. This screenshot shows the sailboats in Ronnis, of which are at a fairly low density. From looking at this and comparing them to earlier screenshots, you can see that the sailboats look considerably different, most noticeably the sail itself. Because boats and ships are almost completely foreign to me (the last time I saw a sailboat was way back in the last millennium, in 1998). 2008 was the first and only time in which I've actually seen a ship. This assumes experiencing it with my own eyes at the location itself. Given this, you can expect some errors and mistakes to be present. For one, the positioning of the mast was on the back of the boat instead of the front. This meant I had to move it (I decided on 5/8, a close approximation of the golden ratio) and with that, I also had to flip the sail horizontally, fixing the text and other stuff on them that are orientation-critical while at it. Since I needed to do that, I also added a few extra details to 2 of the sails, so they look more like advertisements.

Programming - weird error

Date: July 22, 2012
Screenshot #354: In C programming, if you forget a semicolon, forget or have too many parenthesis, a weird character that doesn't belong, or forgetting to escape special characters (Using \" for quotes in text instead of just "), you're going to get errors, often several if you copy and paste the same error. This error is one I can't explain. How is 9 or 8 an illegal digit on the line that I kept visible (the rest is classified)? The double l (lower case L) at the end is to designate a 64-bit integer. For now, I've only got random digits present (causing the straw huts for this part to be all over the place) within 1 million CU from the start. I've been using 64-bit integers like this without any problems... until now. Strangely, it's only select lines, those that have a leading zero, though not all lines with a leading zero have this. A line 37 below this has a leading zero but doesn't produce any errors.

The cause of the problem was due to being unaware that having a leading zero meant the compiler was to treat the number as octal. 0x leading indicates hexadecimal, of which I use quite often. Octal I never use for anything. At least the fix was easy - just put a 1 in front, offsetting the positions another 1 million CU to the right.

Barugan Islands - sailboats and islands

Date: July 23, 2012
Screenshot #355: World 19, Barugan Islands, is a secret, hidden world that you won't be able to access the usual way. That is, you can just access it by completing the 10 required levels and defeating the boss for world 18, like you do for all the others. There's more to accessing world 19 than just that. Exactly what is classified and won't be revealed until either someone figures it out or a few months after PM's release. Perhaps an alternative is the possible (though unconfirmed at the time of this screenshot) strategy guide I might offer for sale as well to accompany PM. Thus, until PM is finished, much about this world will not be seen - I want you to discover what's in store for this hidden world besides extra challenge. The first screenshots are otherwise available because it's already publicly known - Barugan Islands closely resembles that of Air Taxi and Barugan Reef as far as the distant part of the scenery goes. The closer part, for now, will not be shown, hence the "classified contents" cases.

This screenshot shows the various sailboats as worlds 7 and 8 will have when I update those 2. All the islands are nothing new. They appear different because the starting position is different. The closest visible island, at the bottom left edge of the scene, is still over a mile away.

Barugan Islands - air taxis

Date: July 23, 2012
Screenshot #356: Air taxis are nothing new. You'll find them hovering above pretty much anywhere. This screenshot shows the relative density of the air taxis very well.

Barugan Islands - in the clouds

Date: July 23, 2012
Screenshot #357: At the height of the clouds and beyond, the view looks pretty much exactly like world 7.

Barugan Islands - running on an island

Date: July 23, 2012
Screenshot #358: This screenshot shows the character running on an island before the grass was added (grass requires the terrain map to be present or it'll look weird as grass will also be seen 200+ feet underwater too) and with the waterline clearly visible. Until a few weeks or months after Platform Masters is released, you won't really see anything here beyond the top part of the image.

Barugan Islands - under the sea

Date: July 23, 2012
Screenshot #359: This screenshot shows the character a few dozen feet underwater, typical of what scuba diving would be. As with screenshot 358, it'll be a long time before the actual contents are available beyond the debug panel.

Barugan Islands - near the ocean bottom

Date: July 23, 2012
Screenshot #360: This screenshot shows the character near the bottom of the ocean, of which is where you'll find the textured ocean floor, the only ground decals used for this area. Like screenshots 358 and 359, it'll be a long time before this is revealed beyond the debug panel. Note the depth though from this - that's about as deep as Barugan Reef goes at it's maximum! Given this depth, it's gotta be very dark.