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Carnivalesta - balls in the tables

Date: October 9, 2012
Screenshot #401: Now, how did that ball end up on the chair? How did this ball end up on top of the ice cream stand or that one get clear over there? Just like the previous design, the balls from the Ball Toss stand are littered all over the place. In fact, there are 256 extra balls lying around in places they normally shouldn't be. It's the funny thing about the Ball Toss stand. How many of those extra balls can you find? The closer ones are easy enough, but the far ones are a different subject as beyond the rides, they're less than a pixel in diameter making them hard to spot. This screenshot shows me placing one of the extra balls in a place you wouldn't expect. The bulk of the extra balls are on the ground, a fair amount on top of buildings, and a very few in more tricky places that you wouldn't normally expect one to be.

Carnivalesta - redesign first look

Date: October 11, 2012
Screenshot #402: Due to time constraints from a trip that was coming up, I was keeping out a few of the details. There's still several things remaining to be done. However, I wanted to get an idea on what Carnivalesta was like. I got most of the stuff I wanted done though. There are a few lesser details left to do yet, small details mainly. The bulk of the details I need to work on involves the area between the carnival grounds and the Sentus Mountains. I've already got 117 layers of images and I'll probably need another possibly 10 more.

Either way, looking at this screenshot tells a lot. The carnival grounds are a lot more packed than before.

Carnivalesta - redesigned stands at ground level

Date: November 18, 2012
Screenshot #403: After a break and returning to working on Platform Masters, I spent about a week fine-tuning everything and now Carnivalesta is done. Aside from bugs and oversights, this is the final version of Carnivalesta. I've already redone it 3 times now.

From ground level, the redesigned stands certainly make the place very crowded. One stand in particular, as explained in screenshot 401, has its balls scattered all of the place, sometimes found in even the strangest places. Like, how did that ball get on top of the ice cream stand? Or, how did that ball manage to get lodged in the topmost letters of the sign? The Lava Ladders stand has some very nice shadowing effects and it's the first hints to what the lava-themed world is like - Mount Sentusia. My top favorite top banner for a stand is almost a tie between BBQ Haven and Soda Pop City. BBQ Haven's awesome point is with the flames - when I saw that, after some fine-tuning, I was really impressed. The fine detail and shadowing present with Soda Pop City's banner make it a close second. The toughest one to do was the Ice Cream stand's details detailing cone and slush sizes and prices. Ball Toss is the funniest stand and Clown Dunk is the prettiest for its back drop.

Carnivalesta - the closer banner

Date: November 18, 2012
Screenshot #404: The Carnivalesta banner, earlier, was somewhat far, but here, it's much closer and actually slightly smaller in physical size. You can also see where washers are where bolts anchor the banner to the light poles. From this small increase in height, much like screenshot 402, you can see quite easily just how far the stands go out into the distance. The middle part of the screen and a bit below is very crowded and complex. If you remember the Ferris Wheel ride from my 2011 vacation videos, you'll see how what you see in that video very closely matches what you see in this screenshot though it's not particularly high and, obviously, it's night instead of day.

Carnivalesta - the rides in motion

Date: November 18, 2012
Screenshot #405: This screenshot serves to demonstrate 2 purposes. The first is the rides being in action. You can see the "Explorer" ride (of which has the Sentus Mountains in the back drop) on the far left quite high. The "High Runner" ride is also in action, with the swinging swings extended outward from centrifugal force. The Hero Wheel is always in motion 24/7 and never stops (outside breaking down and occasional maintenence needs). The gondalas inside rotate around at exactly half of pi mph. That just came as a coincidence.

The second function is showing the great extent of the stands - how far out they go and how crowded the carnival grounds really are. This is only about 275 feet above the ground.

Carnivalesta - just beyond the carnival grounds

Date: November 18, 2012
Screenshot #406: From a much higher vantage point, over 1000 feet above the ground, other important scenery objects are visible such as the 8-story hotel with more of those foreground light poles with flags around it lighting up the area. Various ponds are also visible. The odd bright parts are actually air taxis. The other screenshots show these as well, though this is the clearest view of them. The lights on the Sentus Mountains are clearly visible as well. They are from houses with one odd exception that's covered in screenshots 409 and 410 below.

One of the more dominant parts of this screenshot are all those small lights in the middle of what seems to be nowhere. If you look closely, you can see that a road is there. This is a highway and it has turn lanes to get to the hotel. Where there's a highway, there's cars. Normally, at that distance, I'd have left out the cars because they're so small and blend in with the surroundings quite well. Because of the headlights, I knew they'd stand out very well so I included them. The semis stand out even more because of the orange lights on their trailers. In addition, the bright lights move making the cars stand out very well against the dark background despite being barely a pixel. Like with Keveran Desert and, though yet to be done, Ronnisa Plains (and maybe other worlds), there are maglev freight trains going by. Because the trains are big compared to cars, I'd be including them at that distance (there's one that's visible more than triple the distance in the Sentus Mountains) and they also have the lights like the cars, they'd stand out very well. The orange lights they have on the sides of the cars makes them quite noticeable.

This is also about the highest point the supersize level might get to.

Carnivalesta - cop car with flashing lights

Date: November 18, 2012
Screenshot #407: Do you see that odd red light at the bottom center of the screen? That's a cop car and it's behind a pulled over minivan. No, the minivan is not being pulled over for speeding, expired license plates, reckless driving, and other such things. What's the problem? The minivan is broken down. The hazard lights are blinking. You can see the faint signal in the form of an orange left. It's very difficult to see without zooming in considerably. The usual air taxis, traffic, and maglev freight trains are also shown.

Carnivalesta - lights on the Sentus Mountains

Date: November 18, 2012
Screenshot #408: With the area beyond the carnival grounds being dark, from it being night, any houses are going to be bright from the lights being on inside of them. This view is quite pretty though - it's just so mesmerizing to look at from all those lights on the mountains! However, the next one takes the prize!

Carnivalesta - beauty above the clouds

Date: November 18, 2012
Screenshot #409: Now this has got to be one of the most scenic views of all views in my screenshot archive. It's just so pretty! The breathtaking scenery is at its full glory here. Looking at this almost bring tears to my eyes as it's just so pretty to look at. This is now my most prized screenshot of all.

You might be wondering what's with that strange bright area in the left part? That's Hersiak, a 4 Kbl-wide city, the biggest visible city in the area and the only exception to the lights as was mentioned in screenshot 406 above.

Carnivalesta - Hersiak glowing brightly

Date: November 18, 2012
Screenshot #410: From very high up, Hersiak, the source of that big bright area, is very easily seen. If you look closely, you can see that there is a sky glow effect around Hersiak, a dome that's a bit difficult to make out. I also have that fix from Hersiak's brightness that gets the ground, eliminating that sharp and abrupt change I had.