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SDL migration - Earth curvature early best

Date: January 30, 2014
Screenshot #481: After spending a while fiddling with the formulas, this was the closest I could get with the Earth curvature case. The ground is way, way too bright. I make it fade to black so it blends in with the sky for the sky darkening effect.

SDL migration - terrain optimizations

Date: January 30, 2014
Screenshot #482: If a world's terrain has no need for a slope that's steeper than the 1:4 (14), why would I include slopes for things like 3:8 (20.6), 3:2 (56.3), or especially the super steep 4:1 (76) in the image? So, to save memory, something I could have done with the GDI system, I optimized the terrain so that only the slopes that were to be present are present. If I attempt to go outside this range, I'll see it in 2 ways - missing terrain that doesn't draw and my terrain editor showing "OoR 8" for "out of range" and "+8 or -8 is the limit". Carnivalesta's terrain only reaches the 1:16 slope (3.58) at the very steepest, and rarely at that. So, why do I need to include anything steeper? Save the 4 MB of memory and use it for other things.

SDL migration - new debug panel and sloped platforms

Date: January 30, 2014
Screenshot #483: After updating the debug panel to include the new tiny font size, the smallest meaningful size with decent readability (very readable when full screen), also making the debug panel smaller while at it so I can see more of the background scenery. Not only that, but I've also added in sloped platforms, the drawing at least. Here, you can easily see what all the sloped platforms will actually look like.

Maglev Train - final main mountains low

Date: February 8, 2014
Screenshot #484: At long last a type of scenery object common but different in many worlds is now being finished. Yep, every single hill or mountain in the main game is now being done. The story-exclusive ones, however, remain to be done but won't be bothered with until I begin getting at the story. And who knew Maglev Train could turn out so pretty! Get better trees and add in the rest of the details and what a result that will be! This is a few roughly that of what you might encounter if you were jumping around on the train itself.

Maglev Train - final main mountains mid

Date: February 8, 2014
Screenshot #485: Originally, the problem with these mountains were that the spacing was much too close. The fix was to redo them. Since I needed the jaggedness added as well, I wanted to wait on that until I went at making this update. The results? A bit close, but acceptable. And what a sight it is! Lush greenery in the lower parts, bright ice caps in the upper part with bare rock in the middle. The layer of mountains that dominate the view on the right are the game's most jagged-looking of all the mountains. It's mainly a combination of distance (just 96 SU or 2 Kbl) and how jagged they are. They appear 50% rougher than the closest mountains in Sentus Mountains or Mount Sentusia, the ones at 256 SU.

Maglev Train - final main mountains high

Date: February 8, 2014
Screenshot #486: Now this is a scenic view! Rise far above what most any level would get you to and you'll be treated to a magnificent view like this! This just shows the farthest visible mountains.

Musan Taiga - final main mountains mid

Date: February 8, 2014
Screenshot #487: Since Musan Taiga uses the same hills and mountains as Maglev Train, this world is done as well. The only difference is, although the elevation is lower, the latitude is far higher so the mountains don't have much in the way of grass on them. Although the ground itself needs major updating for this (this will happen when I get working on Musan Taiga), look at the mountains instead.

Musan Taiga - final main mountains very high

Date: February 8, 2014
Screenshot #488: From a very high vantage point, it's easy to see the large ice caps on every mountain.

Ronnisa Plains - new hills near ground level

Date: February 13, 2014
Screenshot #489: After several days, the Ronn Hills and and Keveran Mountains have been redone, now with the jaggedness. There are several changes here. The first is that the hills look significantly different than they did before. The Ronn Hills, the closer ones, span from 8 to 32 SU instead of the original 10 to 40 SU. Second, the visibility has been drastically reduced, from 288 SU originally to just 72 SU (that's 1 1/2 Kbl, 1.36 miles, or 2.2 kilometers). This visibility change makes the scene much more realistic. Third, you probably have noticed that the traffic and other far details are missing. Since they need to be redone, I figured I'd just remove them until I get around redoing them. Fourth, better visible in the next 3 screenshots, the Keveran Mountains are significantly bigger-looking as I moved them from starting at 272 SU to starting at 48 SU. One of the biggest problems I had with Ronnisa Plains before was the fact that the Keveran River was ridiculously wide. Making it narrower would have left a huge gap of grass so I needed to move the Keveran Mountains much closer to compensate to get my original intended scene.

Ronnisa Plains - new hills at medium height

Date: February 13, 2014
Screenshot #490: From the typical height the top of a regular level might have for this world, you'll get a view like this. The Keveran River is barely visible beyond the Ronn Hills and the farther Keveran Mountains are much more easily visible. This screenshot shows the amount of detail on the Ronn Hills, which isn't all that much as the jaggedness can't really been seen as the grass texture is too rough and the rain only makes it harder to see.