Platform Masters Title
Platform Masters - Will you be the world's next platform master?

Last updated: Apr 22, 2014 (second version)

Platform Masters is a work in progress and thus, there will be some issues. Some issues I don't have a known solution to, others I have a solution to but I'm currently either working on it or not working on it. As you watch my latest videos, you'll probably know some of these. Some issues may get resolved in full without being removed from this list.

1 Minimal game play

Game play is limited mainly because I haven't focused on it. I've, instead, focused on the scenery and getting that finished. Once the scenery is done, I need to update the character. Once that's done, then I'll be working on the game play.

2 Occasional limited detail

Some worlds have limited detail because they are primarily works in progress. I can only work on one thing at a time so that's as far as that will go. When I get around to it, I'll get around to it.

3 Collision detection doesn't behave properly

Currently, my collision detection system is quite limiting and I need to rework the entire system almost from scratch but still keeping the same core method.

4 Only one level

Until I make the level creator, the test level is all that's available. There's no way I'm going to be manually typing in parameters (positions, sizes, types, etc.) for nearly 100,000 objects so I have to make a level creator to make this easier to test and more meaningful. The level creator will be made once the scenery is done, the character is updated, collision detection is updated, and the rest of the game objects are added in and functional.

5 Registration keys

Nowadays, whenever you buy a software program rather than get freeware GPL software, you have to input a registration key. These keys consist of a random mix of letters and numbers of typically 20 to 30 characters often with sections separated by hyphens. I have no idea how these keys are generated and especially validated. A single-file key file is not secure and doesn't help.

6 Controls become unresponsive with poor frame rates

When the frame rate drops much below 20 fps, the controls, for very short key presses become unresponsive, as if you never pressed that key at all. The only way this is fixable is if I use multithreading but I don't know how to create new threads that still allows for Windows 98 support. With this, I'd split all drawing (which must be synced to the display's refresh rate) from the keyboard input and other movement controls, only temporarily stopping keyboard input if draw-to positions are being calculated (or things would be oddly misaligned).