Platform Masters Title
Platform Masters - Will you be the world's next platform master?

Last updated: Jun 23, 2012 (third version)
Level 0 update on Oct 25, 2013 (prices updated to reflect changes thought of around a year earlier)
Level 2 update on Apr 27, 2014 (general updates and adjustments to better reflect changes and other known info)

1 The 3 editions

Platform Masters has 3 editions. The difference between them is summed up in this table. Because Platform Masters is a work in progress, these details are subject to change. There are some thing that even I don't know and thus, the list isn't complete either.

The 3 editions of Platform Masters
Worldspartial 4?yes 20yes 20
Levelspartial 20?yes 300+yes 300+
Storypartial First 2 scenes (?)yes Allyes All
Save progressno Not availableyes Availableyes Available
Infinite upgradingno Not availableyes Availableyes Available
Customizabilitypartial Limitedyes Availableyes Available
[Classified]*no Not availablepartial 500?yes 5000?
[Classified]*no Not availableyes Availableyes Available
Developer commentaryno Not availableno Not availableyes Available
Usage durationyes Unlimitedyes Unlimitedyes Unlimited
Download size***About 120 to 200 MBAbout 700 to 1200 MBAbout 900 to 1500 MB

Table footnotes:
* This feature, until further notice, will not be known to the public.
** This price is the most likely. $19.95 to $35 is the range for the full edition with the deluxe edition costing $2 to $10 more, most likely $5. An early bird special will be available for the first month or two (not yet decided on duration) that will provide a $5 discount of any edition (except the free edition).
*** I can't possibly know what the actual file size will be until Platform Masters nears completion. The audio hogs up the bulk of this - I might offer differing qualities to adjust the file size as needed but nothing is decided on.

2 How to purchase

This section will unlikely be written until the game is near completion. Platform Masters will most likely be available on Regnow. Steam and Desura (depending on their limitations and features) are considered as well. Unless I can find a print-on-demand-type publisher (like Lulu is for books) for software programs (games) or a publisher is willing to do it for free (or nearly free), you will not be able to get Platform Masters from your local brick and mortar store that sells software programs.