Platform Masters Title
Platform Masters - Will you be the world's next platform master?

Last updated: Feb 2, 2011 (first version)
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1 What is on-screen information for?

Pretty much every video game I've played has it - information displayed on screen, usually numbers, sometimes an image, often dynamic. This information informs the player to important game variables, such as health, lives, score, or timers. Platform Masters is no exception... to some extent.

2 The main on-screen information

Platform Masters isn't like other games when it comes to displaying this information, or even the values themselves. Unlike other games, I use the full range of variables as much as possible, even if it means needing hundreds of years to reach that point. Yes, you read that right: "hundreds of years". Not only that, but the information on screen can be moved around as you see fit and even made invisible or partially invisible. A few items cannot be hidden at all.

3 A game of extremes

the extremes in Platform Masters
Going for stats and extremes like these is only for the die-hards.

You've probably seen other video games' limits: 99 lives, 9,999,999 points, 9999 HP, 999 mph max display speed, and other such things. Platform Masters is a game of extremes which seriously adds to the replay value. The screenshot above might be a case from about 2500 hours in on total game play. Just look how long that score is! Yet, the score can still get over 40,000 times higher yet! Care to spend all 104,726 lives? ... And that speed is crazy! That guy is already going about as fast as the Concorde and still picking up speed! Yet, if you think this is crazy, you can still go higher and for decades down the road, literally millions of game play hours! Talk about taking things to an extreme! Oh, and don't forget infinite time as well - note the infinity symbol.

4 Other character stats

Air and HP are already mentioned, but there are 8 other stats that the character has and are split into 2 different sections - power-related and agility-related.

4.1 Power-related stats

4.2 Agility-related stats

5 Abilities

There are nearly a dozen special abilities available to aid and sometimes hinder the character's journey to the goal platform. Although the character initially can't glide, swim, levitate, or bounce, they can eventually be learned. All abilities have advantages and almost all have disadvantages to make up for the advantages. Every single level can be completed without any of these and also with only starting stats; however, having the special abilities will generally make things easier and open up shortcuts or side paths otherwise inaccessible without them. There are numerous special abilities and some of them even have upgrades that makes them even more effective. Here are a few examples:

6 Level stats

Besides the character, there are several other pieces of information tracked during play. One set relates to each individual level. This information is only visible on the overworld. Here is a partial list of what information you'll find available and not all of these will be included either.

7 Global stats

These stats are similar to the level stats, except they relate to the entire game. These stats are only seen on the overworld. Tutorial and story levels don't count here. Can you get 100% on every aspect here? You may have to search high and low, wet and dry to find every game object there is to collect.