Platform Masters Title
Platform Masters - Will you be the world's next platform master?

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1 What is the story in Platform Masters about?

1.1 The main story summary

On July 18, 2073, Jeremy Kaplan's 2 best friends from across the sea are unusually late for a barbeque they planned on over a year earlier. Jeremy unexpectedly joins the Platform Masters championship, his biggest dream, as he investigates what happened to them. Can Jeremy Kaplan find his friends before the Platform Masters championship starts and win the championship?

Every year, throughout July, the great carnival and fiesta mix known as Carnivalesta takes place. Hosted by Carnivalesta is the annual Platform Masters championship which starts on July 20 and continues until July 31 before midnight. Participants go around the world and clear as many platform levels as they can, scoring points based on collecting items along the way, speed of the clear, and especially difficulty.

1.2 About Jeremy Kaplan

Jeremy Kaplan is a young adult male standing 40 CU (5.86 feet or 1.788 meters) tall. His great dream is to participate in the Platform Masters championship but has always been turned down due to it being dangerous and only for "the select few" who can tolerate it. Jeremy is quite methodical and prefers to plan ahead.

2 Advancing the story

To advance the story in Platform Masters, simply complete the 10 regular levels (at any difficulty setting you feel comfortable with, even 0), and defeat the boss afterwards. More story events will unfold as the next world becomes accessible. Repeat this process until all 18 main story worlds are cleared. Worlds 19 and 20 require special conditions to unlock.

3 After the story is finished

the extremes in Platform Masters
Going for stats and extremes like these is only for the die-hards.

Once every required level in every world is completed, there's still plenty to do:

There is no "new game+" option or the like.